CPCS A63 Pedestrian Operated Tower Crane Training Northern Ireland

There are a number of activities involved with the CPCS Pedestrian Operated Tower Crane technical test at BSD Training Northern Ireland including;

1. Complete all manufacturers’ pre-start and running checks and prepare the crane for work
2. Prepare and set the crane for each lift
3. Lift a load which must be at 90% of maximum radius, rotate for at least 180 degrees without changing radius before landing at minimum radius. On completion lift and land the load at mid radius at a designated place.
4. Lift a load which must be at mid radius, rotate over the structure and land in a designated place using a minimum of 75% radius. On completion return the load to the original start point and land at designated place.
5. Lift a load which must be at ground level and at minimum radius and rotate for a minimum of 360 degrees maintaining minimum radius. Land at a designated place
6. Lift a load from a given point and land in a designated place out of sight of the candidate
7. Simulate pouring a wall by travelling a load in a straight line for a distance of not less than 6 metres.
8. Recover simulated 2 metre load swings
9. All loads to be made safe following each activity
10. Place the crane in the out-of-service mode and carry out securing procedures.

For more information about our pedestrian operated tower crane course please contact us on 02892639459 or

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