Load Securing Course Northern Ireland

Load securing is a vital aspect of transporter driving, it is also a very useful skill for plant operators to have to ensure that their vehicles are loaded correctly on transportation equipment.

There are a number of theoretical and practical aspects to the load securing course including;

Course introduction
Principles of loading
Weight restrictions
Vehicle marking requirements
Course Content: Practical
Restraining devices, methods
Equipment to be loaded; size, shape, type, condition
Correct positioning for loading
Risk assessment; site, personnel, vehicles
Safety check; anchorage points on trailer / vehicle
Safety check; on securing chains, ropes, strops, shackles, tensioners
Safety check; vehicle, trailer, immobilisation of load
Display height of vehicle in cab if over 12 feet
Loading checks; lights, signs, securing equipment, weight, height, length, width

This course is CITB approved, for more information please contact us on 02892639459 or

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